Alaska's North Slope

The North Slope is an environmentally sensitive area along the north coast of Alaska. It is also the site of America's largest remaining oil reserve. Our job is to get the oil out without messing up the place.

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Here I am playing floor hockey with some of the gang. These pictures were taken with an Olympus digital camera on April 9, 1999.

Taken at 12:30 A.M. Alaska time on July 4, 1998, the sun is straight north.

This is one of the drilling rigs being transported to a new wellsite. It's the smaller of the two rigs on our lease.

Here's the big rig working a well.

Here's a grizzly bear that was scavenging from the dumpster a moment ago. She stayed around for a month.

These caribou are standing in the middle of a well pad, trying to get away from the mosquitoes. In the distance you can see the ocean. Most of the summer there is ice out there in the distance.

This caribou is very close to the main camp, grazing by a pond next to the road. The picture was taken early in the summer when it was still shedding its winter coat.

Don Myers and myself doing the "Polar Bear Swim" in the Beaufort Sea.

The water temperature was about 41 degrees Fahrenheit (5C), the air temperature was 39 (4C). This was in August! Thanks, Robby Goodwin, for taking the pictures and being our official witness.

A little farther south, my friend Tyson Peterson and his fianc�e Sandy Farris are married at the MotherLode Lodge in Hatcher Pass, Alaska. An incredibly beautiful spot, just an hour's drive north of Anchorage. A helicopter landed in the clearing behind them after the reception and whisked them off on a tour of the glaciers.