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Hi, I'm Eric. I've posted a few notes and pictures about myself, my family, work and hobbies here. I hope they'll give you a bit of insight into my life.

Family Page

When I was a teen, I was fascinated by model rockets. I bought as many as I could afford, built them, launched a few, but mostly I dreamed about being an astronaut. Maybe in part it was the impression made by Neil Armstrong and Apollo 11, but another part was the desire to travel across the galaxy, exploring strange new worlds in a futuristic spaceship. I guess Star Trek and later Star Wars, had their influences on me too.

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My father and one brother are commercial-rated pilots, and I've spent many exciting hours in the cockpit of a small airplane. From this background I developed a passion for flying through the air, and lately I've become devoted to radio controlled model planes, especially sailplanes. There's something magic in being able to fly with no motor dragging your plane through the air.

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One of my fondest memories of childhood is our family sitting out in the backyard on a warm, clear summer night. My grandfather had a little telescope and we looked at the moon through it. Astounding, spell-binding! He gave me that telescope some years later, and as I grew up it became pretty beat-up. A few years ago, I had a machinist make me a new tube for it, and it looks nearly as good as new. Of course these days I have bigger and better telescopes to look at the sky with, but Grandpa's telescope will always have a special place.

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Links to other sites on the Web

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Alaska's North Slope

A dozen years ago, I worked on the North Slope of Alaska, near the shore of the Arctic Ocean.

Some pictures from Alaska

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