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Kiona Butte World Speed Trials 1999

Here I am with my first sailplane - an Airtronics Olympic 650. This plane was built around 1992, the picture taken in 1996.

Launching the Oly.

Airtronics Whisper 95

I've got several other sailplanes now, including a Northeast Sailplanes Psyko 3m and a Super V 2m for thermal flying, and a Zagi, Quicksilver and Vindicator for slope soaring.


Angus Henley with my Zagi at West Bluff


Simon van Leeuwen with his R'n'R Nova slope racer. We built two more of these for the Speed Trials at Eagle Butte, Washington in June 1999.

My new Solo, molded F5B electric. The plane is made by Impres in Czech Republic, the motor and speed control are Aveox, made in USA. A very fast sailplane, it will climb vertically, then if you find a big thermal, it will stay up a while.


 The death of the Psyko - first flight of the year, the battery failed during the launch.