SpaceX Starship 2020

SpaceX Starship Launch from Boca Chica .



 ROC Lake 4


  L4 Certification Project

I am documenting my L4 project here.



 ROC Lake 4

  Here's the maps to ROC Lake 4, hosted by the Lethbridge Rocketry Association June 22-24, 2001.

  Low Resolution (150k)  


High Resolution (560k)


Location Detail (45k)  


Photos from the Roc Lake 1999 Launch near Lethbridge, Alberta

David Buhler's 1/3 scale Nike Smoke on a K550 motor at Medicine Wheel 3.

Here's my North Coast SA-14 Archer at a launch in January 1996.

My PML Bullpuppy at Sullivan Lake V, September 1997

Photos from CFB Shilo's Artillery Museum


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