Roc Lake 1999 - Lethbridge Alberta

Max Baines has lots of space to launch rockets! Roc Lake 99 took place March 27 & 28, 1999.

Lavina Harding of CLSO with Max Baines, sponsor of Roc Lake.

Max preps his PML Quantum Leap

The Quantum Leap on the pad, ready to go!

Ron Weir's upscaled Astra

Wayne Gallinger's Sandhawk

My Bullpuppy had too much delay, the tube zippered

The wind was pretty strong - there goes the Bullpuppy!

David Buhler's PML Phobos, located with assistance from my GPS. We spent hours looking for it, then did some math. Drove right to the spot, about 1 mile downrange

Dirk Wussow from the Edmonton Rocketry Group does some fine finishing work

Dave Ross' upscale Fatboy

Doug Banks had his Silver Comet on a unique launcher

My van at the launch

Ken Latam of SASH (right) fooling around with Craig Makarowski of ERG

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