CAR L4 Certification Project - May 2011


Finally decided it's time to go for the L4. I've acquired a Performance Rocketry Intimidator 5 kit. This is an all-fiberglass rocket with a 98mm motor mount. It will build heavy so it won't be breaking any records,but it should provide a great platform for a spectacular flight.



Ejection Testing Videos

Please excuse the sound tracks, there's a lot of mumbling, grunting and breathing. My dog loves rockets. Sometimes I use wrong words too.

First try - apogee charge of 3 grams using the Telemetrum to test-fire. [MP4 Video/Audio File - 5.36 MB]
First try - main charge of 3 grams using the Telemetrum to test-fire. [MP4 Video/Audio File - 3.21 MB] 
5 grams apogee charge [MP4 Video/Audio File - 6.61 MB]
7 gram main charge [MP4 Video/Audio File - 15.84 MB]
Last time - 7 gram apogee charge with rubber bands on deployment bag [MP4 Video/Audio File - 19.04 MB] 

Pilot Chute Testing

Red Neck Wind Tunnel Test [MP4 Video/Audio File - 14.16 MB]

Here's the flight results from the Rock Lake 13 launch, held July 1-3 2011 near Wrentham, Alberta.

Maiden flight on K1620 
  The drag race begins. Photo by Tim Rempel.

 Greg Mills' rocket off to an early lead. Photo by Tim Rempel.

 The Intimidator leaves the pad. Photo by Tim Rempel.




Scorched earth


Altimeter Download Files


Raven 2


CTI K1620 Vmax 2440Ns

Featherweight FIP K1620

Altus Metrum AltOS EEPROM K1620

CTI N1800 White 10367Ns

Featherweight FIP N1800

Altus Metrum AltOS EEPROM N1800

When time permits, I'll try to upload the graphic output of these flights, in the meantime you can download the software and run these files yourself. 
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