Thursday Night Jam Sessions


There's a gang of us that congregate at Ron's house on Thursday nights to play music and sip a little home-made wine. We like to play older rock, lots of Rolling Stones, Beatles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Cream, Kinks, C.C.R., Doors, etc. We do some other stuff too, Van Morrison, Beach Boys, Eagles, Dire Straits ...
We don't get too serious, it's supposed to be fun. When a tune is working well, though, Ron has been known to fire up the old Fostex eight-track. 

These pictures date back about 13 years! Holy cow time flies!

Me on bass, Ron on lead guitar.
I think we need to get that electrical box covered, it's not very photogenic!


Bill on bass, Wally on guitar.

Ron can sing too, but first he has to read the words. ;)

Leon on drums.

Laura on lead vocals and keyboards.

Matt sings lead and plays rythym guitar.

All photos on this older page taken with a Kodak DC260 digital camera. Wish I could have kept it but it cost too much.

postscript 2010 - the modern equivalent of this camera is now built into your cell phone ...

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